Front Squat

Heavy 3 rep

If you feel good go for a new 1 Rep Max




Teams of 2


40 Calorie Row, buy 40 Medball Squat Jumps

40 Calorie Row, symptoms 40 Medball Jumping Lunges

40 Calorie Row, 40 Medball Sit-Ups

Rx Medball Weight – 20/14

3 Responses

  1. Robin

    that was rough with my legs already burning as much as they are today. Glad at least one other person showed up so I didn’t have to go this alone, that would have been awful. Worked with Andrew, who has been visiting us from Ohio this week, and really had to work to keep up with him. Did much of it without the ball, used it for the situps only. We got through 1 full round plus 160 reps. Got to 135 on FS, that is all my legs were willing to do today:)