Sherise Molten RN, RMA


Sherise Molten RN, RMA

When I started CrossFit I was 185lbs. I got short of breathe easily, and I couldn’t lay down or lean back because then I wouldn’t be able to breathe and struggled to sit up. I had a hard time getting in and out of my car. I tossed and turned all night long getting 2-3 hours of sleep then I’d be up for 1-2 hours and then back to sleep. Now after a year I am a happy 145lbs. I breathe easier, at rest and during workouts. I fall asleep easily and sleep the whole night through. CrossFit has helped me learn to respect my body and what it can do. Looking good is just a side effect of being healthy. I went from my stomach sticking out from the bottom of my shirt to wanting to show of my baby abs.

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  1. Faith

    I am beyond impressed by your achievements Sherise. I am so happy you feel as beautiful on the outside as you have always been on the inside. ☺️